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Metformin To Treat Diabetes And Lower Cholesterol

29 Feb

Metformin is a type 2 diabetes treatment drug which is used to treat high blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, manage weight problems and treat other insulin resistance issues such as Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in women. Belonging to the biguanide class of medicines, metformin is the number one treatment drug of doctors when it comes to treating diabetes especially in overweight and obese people and also those with normal kidney function.

Metformin as a powerful diabetes drug is known to reduce blood sugar levels by bringing down the amount of sugar produced in the liver along with reducing the amount of glucose absorbed through the stomach. This not only makes metformin a wonderful dieting aid for obese and over-weight people but also act as anti ageing supplement for those with cardiovascular problem by lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreatic glands of our body and is essential to not only reduce glucose levels produced by our liver but also in removing glucose from the blood by muscle and fat tissues which burn glucose for energy. Diabetes is caused when this amount of insulin produced in our pancreatic glands suddenly reduces or when the cells of our body become resistant to the action of insulin, thereby making it necessary to seek proper treatment or solution.

Insulin resistance is a serious condition which not only causes type 2 diabetes in individuals but is also responsible for myriad other disorders of the body such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and PCOS in women of reproductive age. While there are many other type 2 diabetes treatment drugs and glucose lowering drugs available in the market, what makes metformin superior and safer for type 2 diabetes treatment over these insulin resistance treatment drugs is its method of action.

Metformin works by making the receptors more sensitive to insulin which means available glucose is utilized more effectively, unlike other glucose lowering drugs like Glyburide (Micronase, Diabeta) or Glipizide (Glucotrol), which increase the level of insulin in the blood and as a result, cause excessively low blood glucose levels. Metformin on the other hand, doesn’t reduce the availability of glucose within the body, and doesn’t affect the levels of insulin.

Moreover, as an anti ageing supplement, metformin increases the sensitivity of the hypothalamus and peripheral tissues (like muscles) to the effects of insulin. In effect, it rejuvenates this response, restoring the effects of glucose and insulin to much younger physiological levels.

Metformin Metforal is a completely safe medicine with no known contraindications or toxicity. However, people with kidney problem are advised to seek doctor approval before taking this medicine. Recommended dosage for people over 40 years of age is 500mg to 850mg – up to three times a day..

Wobenzym For Greater Health And Stronger Immunity

28 Feb

Wobenzym n mucos is a wonderful health supplement taken by a million of people seeking relief for a number of common health hassles arising from everyday activities. Developed and formulated some 40 years ago by a plant based pharmaceutical company in Germany, wobenzym is an interesting blend of many plant and natural based enzymes and anti oxidants essential for maintaining many structures in the human body.

Since enzymes are the main building blocks of our body acting as the foundation of energy and life-force in all living things, wobenzym n mucos containing all the essential systemic enzymes act as a powerful anti ageing tool to fight disease, enhance energy, improve vitality, reduce pain, combat swelling and increase the overall longevity and health of an individual. Now you must be wondering, what is the function of enzymes in our body and how does wobenzym help in maintaining health and fighting pain and inflammation in the body.

Well to begin with, let me first tell you that enzymes are responsible for some really important functions in the body such as digesting food, building bones and tissue, aiding detoxification and fighting inflammation. Without these functions it is impossible for the human body to sustain itself. While most of these enzymes are derived from the food and the diet we eat, many of these essential enzymes are produced naturally in the body.

Also these enzymes are produced and utilized by the body in a proper and efficient manner to maintain healthy joints, a strong immune system, robust circulation and overall good health when we are young and agile. However, as we get old, the body loses its ability to produce enough enzymes to keep up with its own demand. This can leave a person vulnerable to a wide range of health problems. No wonder, we find so many elderly suffering from problems such as osteoarthritis, painful muscles and joints, injuries, cardiovascular disease, colds, flus and other infections and diseases.

It thus becomes imperative to supplement one’s diet with an enzyme supplement that can fulfill this need for essential enzymes to carry out the different functions of the body in a proper manner. Wobenzym n mucos however is different from other enzyme supplements in the sense that Wobenzyme N contains bromelain (an enzyme from the pineapple) and is enteric coated so that the enzymes pass through the digestive tract and enter the blood stream in their natural form.

Wobenzym’s benefits thus include a wide range of conditions and symptoms such as reducing inflammation and pain, increasing bone and muscle density, lowering the levels of c-reactive protein, fighting cold, flu and other infections, healing injuries, etc. It is thus a natural anti inflammatory and anti ageing supplement with no adverse or side effects. Recommended dosage is 3 tablets, 2 times daily, at least 45 minutes before meals.

Adrafinil To Increase Alertness And Enhance Cognition

27 Feb

Adrafinil is a new generation central nervous system stimulating drug used to increase alertness and enhance cognition to remain alert and active during the day and carry out the day’s activities with interest and energy. Basically designed and developed for the treatment of narcolepsy, adrafinil can be taken by otherwise healthy individuals as well to increase their awareness and enhance performance at work or studies with its stimulating action and zero side effects.

Adrafinil as a mind power drug has been found to be especially beneficial for night workers, nursing mothers, as well as the elderly suffering from excessive sleepiness, in attention and reduced memory. First discovered in the late 1970s by scientists working with the French pharmaceutical company Group Lafon, adrafinil belongs to the category of smart drugs called eugeroics’ which means ‘good arousal’.

Also known as olmifon adrafinil, this central nervous system stimulant has been clinically proven to boosts mental alertness without disrupting normal sleep in many of its clinical trials conducted during its formulation as an experimental treatment for narcolepsy. Since then adrafinil has been a popular treatment of choice for increasing alertness, improving memory and reducing day time sleepiness in those suffering from narcolepsy, depression, senile dementia and other disorders of the mind.

Since adrafinil is known to increase energy, boost awareness and brighten the mood, it can be taken as an effective anti depressant supplement as well.  Both as a stimulant and as an anti depressant supplement, adrafinil presents a much safer, effective and healthier option as opposed to other anti depressants and stimulants available in the market.

The main reason behind adrafinil’s efficacy and safety over other stimulants is that unlike other stimulants, adrafinil provides stimulation just on the area where it is required without affecting other parts of the brain. This also accounts for the non-habbit forming effect of olmifon adrafinil which makes it as the safest stimulant available. Moreover, since adrafinil stays in the system for long, its effects are longer lasting as compared to other stimulants like coffee.

Other stimulants – ranging from coffee to methamphetamine– stimulate a broader number of brain receptors, including those involving dopamine. This means they often cause unpleasant side effects, such as anxiety, agitation and sleeplessness. Adrafinil’s benefits build up over a period of time, giving a more subtle, gentle boost. Adrafinil side effects are, in fact, almost completely non-existent.

While there are no side effects associated with this medicine, you are however advised to have a liver function test before you use this medicine or in case you plan to use it for an extended period of time to rule out any harmful side effect.

Diet Pro For Weight Loss And Insulin Resistance

21 Feb

Obesity and excess weight is a very common problem these days given our faulty diets, lack of physical activity, hectic lifestyles and stressed environment. Today, more than 80% of both men and women suffer from weight issues. Just as millions of people take on the seemingly uphill struggle of dieting every day, so too are millions of people diagnosed with Syndrome X. In fact it’s estimated that 1 in 4 people in the US suffer from it.

Now you must be wondering, what is syndrome X? Syndrome X is a condition of the body, when no matter how much you exercise or do crash dieting, you are unable to lose weight. So while weight loss supplements like the various diets that come to our attention can have a positive effect, but if you’ve tried again and again without any real success; then you may have Syndrome X.

Since carbohydrates are the main reason behind excess weight and unrelented weight gain, you need a weight loss supplement which combats this primary cause of weight gain in many men and women and thus prevent the occurrence of obesity and many other health problems caused due to excess weight and obesity. Diet pro, by lessening the speed at which the body absorbs carbohydrates, can help avoid weight gain and avoid Syndrome X.

Also known as prodiet, diet pro is a weight loss supplement that combats a prime source of fat-gain: carbohydrates. Not only are the negative effects of carbohydrates documented in globally recognized diets like the Atkins diet but as we age, an increasingly common condition facing us is the onset of Syndrome X.

Apart from this, if you have elevated insulin levels, then this can make you feel even hungrier – with a hankering for carbohydrate-rich foods. The more carbs you take on board, the higher the insulin level in your body and this in turn increases hunger. In such a scenario, Diet Pro/Pro diet by slowing the carbohydrate absorption and helps insulin regulation, thereby sidestepping weight gain and insulin problems – the cause of diabetes.

Diet pro is the best weight loss supplement as it not only help break a vicious cycle of ill-health and weight gain buy also prevent the occurrence of many related and serious conditions such as coronary heart disease; heart palpitations; hypertension; raised triglyceride levels; high cholesterol; uncontrolled diabetes; hormonal disturbances; depression; memory problems; blurred vision and skin blemishes amongst other signs.

Diet is a completely safe diet supplement made up of purely natural ingredients like Salacia Reticulata Vanadium (vanadyl sulphate); Chromium; Oolong tea and Green tea extracts; Banaba extract; Gymnema Sylvestre; Cinnamon; Bitter Melon; and Coccinia Indica Extract to not only help you lose weight but also provide with necessary antioxidants for greater overall being. Recommended dosage is one tablet daily to remain fit and healthy.

Hydergine To Halt Mental Decline, Increase Energy And Improve Memory

20 Feb

Ever heard of a medicine that can stop progressive mental impairment, increase energy, improve memory and enhance overall well being and health? With Hydergine 30 x 4.5mg & 40ml 40mg liquid, you can now halt the trail of your progressive mental decline as well as improve memory and cognitive performance and thereby improve the overall quality of your health and life.

Hydergine treatment is thus popularly classed under the category of drugs known as smart drugs or nootropics, which are well known for their ability to protect, prevent and help cure different stages and conditions of brain health and mental disease such as alzhiemer’s disease, senile dementia, parkinsons’s disease etc.

Hydergine as a popular smart drug of choice is derived from Rye and thus offers a safe and natural treatment for sound mental health and brain functioning without any adverse effects, contraindications or other toxicity. A regular Hydergine dosage has a number of positive effects on brain cell health by increasing body’s ability to minimize harmful free radicals and thus improve mental ability and enhance overall feeling of energy and well being.

While the exact functioning of hydergine is still unknown, hydergine has been shown to increase blood to brain, which in turn provides the brain cells with the much needed oxygen and nutrients required for their repair and healthy performance. This free radical fighting effect of hydergine also makes it a popular anti ageing supplement to increase energy, better performance, improve memory and enhance cognitive ability.

Hydergine by providing the blood to the brain also help in maintaining the desired oxygen level in the brain cells. Since too much or too less of oxygen in brain cells is detrimental to our health, hydergine by providing this oxygen balance help in the prevention of many disease and conditions of the brain such as hypoxia and peroxidation.

In peroxidation, oxygen reacts to the unsaturated fats and generates these harmful free radicals. As our brain cells contain more unsaturated fats than any other part of the body, it is here that we are most at risk. Free radicals are linked strongly with the ageing of cells and of course the subsequent decreased efficiency of our body and minds and in effect, mental decline.

Thus by providing the desired amount of blood and maintaining oxygen balance in the brain cells, Hydergine can improve mental ability, and slow down the damage caused by peroxidation. It is due to this reason that hydergine tablets  are popular drug of choice of many doctors who prescribe it patients with emergencies and accidents that involve heart attacks or strokes. It is administered in these cases before an operation or procedure as it has the quality of stabilizing the levels of oxygen in the brain.

Since hydergine is a very safe drug with minimal side effects, anyone can take it to halt mental decline, increase energy and improve mental ability.

Wobenzym N For Pain And Inflammation Relief

17 Feb

Wobenzym N is an interesting blend of different essential enzymes needed by our body for the better absorption of food and vital nutrients in the body for stronger and better immunity. This enzyme formula was first developed and introduced in Germany 40 years ago by a pharmacy called Mucos Pharma GmbH and since then wobenzym N is used by people all over the world for temporary relief from pains, swelling, muscle soreness and weakness.

Wobenzym N mucos is composed of systemic enzymes from plant and animal sources such as Pancreatin 100mg, Papain 60mg, Rutoside 50mg, Bromelain 45mg, Trypsin 24mg, Chymotrypsin which are known to assist blood cells in their work, lower cholesterol, enhance circulation. Along with this, these systemic enzymes act as anti inflammatory tool to reduce swelling and muscle soreness in people with joint stiffness and osteoarthritis. By enhancing circulation and reducing inflammation, wobenzym N also reduces the chances of heart disease and strokes.

Since its inception, wobenzym N has been continuously improved and the wobenzym n mucos tablet that we have today come with the enteric-coated enzymes which spare each tablet from the stomach acids. This way, it reaches the small intestine with its health benefits fully absorbed and utilized. This makes this interesting formula as a potent enzyme supplement for overall immunity and stronger health of the body.

Wobenzym n thus not only helps with joint pain, swelling and muscle soreness but has also been proven to be beneficial in slowing down the signs of ageing and reducing the risk of heart disease. This makes it act as an excellent anti ageing supplement or aid. In many of the clinical trials, people on wobenzym n mucos tablet have been shown to have stronger immunity, better circulation, greater energy, increased energy and vitality to perform different activities with interest and enthusiasm.

Upon ingestion, all systemic enzymes in this formulation work together to produce smaller chains of amino acids for quick and effective attainment of better health. Wobenzym has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of various disorders such as sinus infection, traumatic injury, sports injury, arthritic and rheumatic pains, bacterial, yeast, fungal and viral infection, cardio-vascular obstruction and related ailments, edema, digestive problems as well as treatment of colds and flu.

Wobenzym n is a completely safe medicine with no known side effects or contraindications. Recommended daily dosage is two tablets one hour to half an hour before meals or as directed by a health professional as a digestive aid and remedy to treat pain and inflammation.

Get Your Vitality Sleep With Melatonin

15 Feb

If you wake up to a more tired self in the morning than when you went to bed in the night, means you are suffering from some sleep disorder which is preventing you from getting your full good night’s rest to reenergize and revitalize your system. While there are some obvious reasons for lack of good night’s sleep such as a newborn baby, disturbing neighborhood, espresso nightcaps, late night parties etc., if there is no obvious reason for your lack of sleep in the night, it shows there is a problem.

One of the major reasons for sleep disorders in most individuals is a problem with a secretion of hormone called Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain, which not only helps in the regulation of other hormones in the body but also helps in maintaining the body’s circadian rythms. During dark the body produces more Melatonin while the production of this hormone is drastically dropped during the day due to light.

Since the role of light is critical to Melatonin production in the body, being exposed to bright lights in the evening or too little light during the day can disrupt the body’ s normal melatonin cycles. In such cases it becomes imperative to seek outside help for proper rest and sleep in the night. Melatonin ZnSe is the sleep disorder treatment that releases melatonin at just the right time, i.e, during the night when our body naturally secretes Melatonin for proper sleep.

Supplementing with Melatonin thus proves to be extremely beneficial for those suffering with sleep disorders. Moreover, as we age, the production of Melatonin during the night decreases. This is another reason for many elderly people complaining of lack of sleep or sleep disorders during the night. Since sleep is vital for our body to complete its repair and reenergizing work, Melatonin ZnSe supplements can be taken by the elderly to maintain their natural Melatonin levels to the same youthful levels for greater health and vitality.

Melatonin ZnSe Supplement for sleep disorder treatment is so called as it contains the hormone Melatonin along with the essential minerals zinc and selenium for proper health and well being. Since melatonin benefits are most pronounced from 1am to 3 am, with nightly release from the pineal gland, Melatonin ZnSe by releasing the natural Melatonin just at the right time does exactly that is therefore far better and superior to other Melatonin supplements which release Melatonin on a consistent basis.

Melatonin ZnSe is a completely safe medicine with no known serious side effects. You can take Melatonin 30 mg tablets at bedtime for good restful sleep.