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Wobenzym N Mucos For Arthritis Pain Relief And Anti Ageing Benefits

30 Mar

Wobenzym N Mucos is a wonderful enzyme supplement to keep you stay young, energetic and disease free for long. This anti ageing supplement works at the cellular level of biochemistry by supplementing the body’s basic need for enzymes to carry out its different functions and processes with health and vitality.

Wobenzym therefore is composed of an interesting blend of systemic enzymes designed to provide arthritis pain relief and treatment for osteoarthritis, in addition to many other health benefits. Wobenzym benefits includes – As our bodies become less efficient to produce these different essential enzymes that are required to carry out the natural processes of digestion or homeostasis in an optimum manner as we age, problems like arthritis, swelling, uric acid, heart disease, muscle weakness, etc., become more common.

It therefore becomes imperative that we supplement our diet with a good enzyme supplement to prevent all above mentioned problems and conditions of the body. Wobenzym n mucos was first discovered in Germany in 1960 by A German scientist Max Wolf while studying the benefits of plant based enzymes along with human pancreatic enzymes to solve various health concerns and problems.

While wobenzym was first used as an anti inflammatory to treat osteoarthritis, it is today used as a popular anti ageing supplement to address various age related concerns and conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, joint stiffness, muscle weakness etc. Today, wobenzym is widely used as treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, in addition to osteoarthritis along with routinely prescribed by surgeons to prevent bruising and associated pain following surgery.

Wobenzym n ingredients  include systemic enzymes such as Pancreatin, Papain, Bromelain, Trypsin, Chymotrypsin and Rutosid along essential antioxidants to reduce joint stiffness, swelling, pain, along with enhancing circulation and acting as a free radical scavenger to provide anti ageing benefits. Wobenzym thus is a wonderful enzyme supplement that can be used as an anti inflammatory, arthritis cure; topical analgesic and health supplement to support body’s own natural defenses.

Also in many of its clinical trials, wobenzym n has been shown to lower the levels of C-reactive protein in the body which is responsible for most of the joint stiffness and muscle soreness in the body resulting in pain and inflammation in various parts of the body. There are no wobenzym n side effects . Apart from this, wobenzym has also been proven to provide protection from environmental toxins, lowering inflammation associated with allergies, and helping in the treatment of herpes, hepatitis C and cancer.

Wobenzym dosage for general maintenance and anti ageing supplement is 3 to 5 tablets twice daily, taken half hour before or 1 hour after meals for maximum benefit.

Retin A For Glorious Wrinkle And Pimple Free Skin

26 Mar

Retin A is a wonderful product which can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin in just a few weeks period. Also known as tretinoin, this miracle product is often termed as the fountain of youth or elixir of youth by many skin experts and dermatologists. This is mainly because, retin A for wrinkles is the only skin cream discovered so far to effectively eliminate wrinkles.

The main reason behind retin A’s efficacy lies in its method of working, which works to cure skin problems in simple two steps. Retin A is a derivative of vitamin A and thus contains retinoic acid which effectively penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin to treat skin at the molecular level.  No anti ageing cream discovered so far has the ability to penetrate the skin cells and change the appearance of the skin.

First, retin A sloughs off the dead upper layer of the skin with its exfoliating action, which then clears off all the surface damage such as clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes, acne and dark spots. Retin A for acne treatment thus works as magic to deliver smooth, fresh and clear skin which is free from pimples and glows with health.

Second, retin A as a derivative of vitamin A has antioxidants which work to fight off the free radical damage and stimulate the production of collagen at the cellular level of the skin. This results in firmer and more elastic skin which is healthy and free from all early signs of ageing such as fine lines, creases, wrinkles, dark spots and sagging. Retin A for wrinkles thus is the best non invasive and inexpensive anti ageing treatment options available today.

How does retin a work for wrinkles ?

Retin A anti wrinkle cream’s benefits include increased cell turnover, thickened outer layer of the skin, increased collagen production and increased blood flow to the skin, thereby making your skin look young, firm, dewy and glowing. While retin A works as a fountain of youth to give you youthful and flawless skin, it comes with certain side effects.

Retin A’s side effects are initial bout of acne, irritation, burning, dryness and peeling of the skin. However all these side effects depend upon individual skin condition and usage and generally subside with time as skin becomes accustomed to its consistent use.

Retin A cream dosage is a pea sized amount for full face once daily at bedtime for good results. Directions for use is first gently wash your face with a mild cleanse, then wait for a few minutes before skin gets completely dry, apply pea sized amount and follow it up with a good moisturizer. As simple as this sounds, retin A for wrinkles is as effective in its results.

Pregnenolone Anti-ageing Aid To Beat Stress And Boost Mind Power

24 Mar

Pregnenolone is a powerful hormone which is present naturally in the body and is responsible for nearly all of the body’s steroid hormone production during the cellular growth process powered by mitochondria. Pregnenolone is therefore also popularly referred to as the mother of all steroid hormones in the body.

As pregnenolone plays a pivotal role in the production of all vital steroid hormones in the body such as progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, dhea, etc. prenenolone is indirectly responsible for the production of all these essential hormones in the body. Produced in the adrenal glands, pregnenolone is therefore endowed with powerful anti-inflammatory arthritis pain relieving properties.

What is Pregnenolone ?

Pregnenolone was first discovered and formulated in the 1940s when it was first given to factory workers to improve their performance. It was found to reduce the stress levels of the workers while acting as a pain reliever for arthritis pain and inflammation as well. However, due to the discovery of another vital steroid hormone during that time, pregnenolone lost its value and significance.

The interest in pregnenolone as an anti ageing supplement and anti inflammatory drug was rekindled in the 1990s. It is today increasingly used as an anti aging memory enhancer and an aid to boost memory. As a mind power aid, pregenenolone benefits mental health and wellbeing as part of the complex steroid hormone production process.

Thus while pregnenole benefits had been established as anti inflammatory and anti depressant to relive stress, pain and inflammation related to arthritis, injury and other bodily conditions, in the recent times pregnenolone supplementation also entered the anti aging arena to address mental decline and memory loss, and act as a memory enhancer.

Pregnenolone therapy has thus come in line with other cognitive enhancers such as Idebenone, piracetam, Hydergine and Vitamin B12 to combat stress and boost memory. As pregnenolone levels are known to decrease overtime, with 60 percent decline in pregnenolne levels by the time one reaches the age of 70, it is suggested one take pregnenolone supplements to prevent physical and mental decline associated with old age.

It has also been proved to be extremely beneficial for menopausal women as it offers a natural estrogen therapy and a way to increase estrogen. A pregnenolone supplement is available in tablet form and as a pregnenolone cream. As a natural supplement, Pregnenolone is safe to use and presents few side effects.

Retin A Best Anti Ageing Cream For Radiant Clear Skin

23 Mar

Retin A also known as tretinoin or isotretinoin is an effective anti ageing cream for the treatment of fine lines, creases, dark spots, age spots and wrinkles. As retin is derived from vitamin A, it has all the anti oxidant properties of vitamin A and thus can fight all the free radical damage to promote healthy looking flawless skin.

Retin A for wrinkles is the best topical treatment to reverse the signs of ageing, sun damage and other skin ailments such as blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores, and acne. Retin A has retinoic acid which triggers the functioning of skin cell molecules, called retoid receptors.

The triggered functions expedite natural cell processes, including cell growth and regeneration, collagen and elastin production (crucial for healthy, youthful skin) and cell vitality. This powerful anti wrinkle cream was first formulated as an anti acne cream to treat the problem of pimples and blackheads in many individuals.

As retin A for acne treatment was discovered to have amazing anti ageing benefits, retin A was then began to be used as an effective anti wrinkle cream for the treatment of to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and to treat skin dryness and roughness, since it increases the thickness of the surface skin layers.

So if you feel that you have suddenly woke up to a dull, sallow and lifeless skin with clear frown lines, furrows and crows feet, it is time you start doing something about your skin to prevent yourself from looking too old for your years. While there are innumerable anti wrinkle creams and anti ageing creams available in the market, all promising to give you younger looking skin free from lines and wrinkles, they hardly do anything other than mere moisturizing the skin to make it look plump.

Retin A has been the only effective anti ageing cream discovered so far which has been clinically proven to treat wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines and dark spots with consistent use over a period of time. While retin A for wrinkles works like a miracle product to erase ages off your face, it has some side effects attached with its initial use.

Retin A side effects include mild irritation, tingling and burning of the skin along with dryness and skin peeling due the exfoliation action of the skin cream to slough off the dead skin cells. These side effects can however be reduced and controlled with patience, persistence and correct usage.

For retin A to be effective, it very important that you use this cream correctly. Use only at night time on cleansed skin in very small amounts to prevent side effects and obtain maximum benefit from this cream. Also use a sunscreen regularly in the daytime to prevent sun damage as retin A is known to make skin sensitive to photo damage.

Retin A Anti Ageing Cream To Get Glowing Youthful Skin

20 Mar

If you are looking for a miracle product that can give you that most elusive youthful looking flawless skin in a matter of a few weeks, you have come just at the right place. Your search for that ‘elixir of youth’ can be easily found in the wonderful vitamin A derived product retin A.

Retin A truly is that one and only anti ageing cream that comes out fair on its promise of delivering younger looking perfect skin in just a few weeks time. Basically, discovered some 30 years ago for acne treatment, retin A has showed marvelous results in smoothening the overall texture of the skin.

Retin A for acne treatment works at the cellular level to exfoliate the dead upper layer of the skin, cleaning out the skin pores of the clogged oil, dirt and impurities, thus revealing fresher smooth skin underneath. Retin A for acne treatment thus helps in clearing blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores, large pores, blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation for clear smooth, smooth and glowing skin.

As retin A for wrinkles work at the molecular level of the skin to penetrate deeper into the skin layers so it can work on repairing collagen and elastin without causing any unwanted excessive drying, peeling and irritation of the skin. As an anti wrinkle cream, retin A, thus begin to repair wrinkles, fine lines, increase moisture and elasticity. The result is softer, smooth, glowing skin.

How does retin a work for wrinkles?

Retin A can thus be easily termed as a fountain of youth, which can effectively strip years off from your skin and face making you look and feel much younger. As retin A is derived from vitamin A it is completely safe to use. However, in the beginning of using retin A cream, you can feel some mild irritation and peeling of the skin, this is because your skin takes time to adjust to the new product. You should thus remain patient and consistent with the treatment as your skin begin to adjust to this wonderful anti ageing cream, you can begin to notice your skin transform into more youthful and glowing texture.

Retin A Cream dosage for acne treatment and wrinkles is application of a pea sized amount on cleansed dry skin daily at bed time. Also, as retin A can make your skin sensitive to the effects of the sun, it is important to wear a high SPF sunscreen during daytime to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, during treatment with retin A.

Wobenzym For Arthritis Pain

15 Mar

Arthritis is becoming a more and more widespread musculoskeletal disease that affects the joints as well as the spine.  With over 150 established musculoskeletal conditions that cause stiffness, chronic joint pain and body aching.  The most frequent are known as Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid. Wobenzym, also known as Wobenzym N, is a combination of enzymes, intended to offer pain relief from arthritis and a treatment from osteoarthritis, along with many other health benefits.

It is estimated by the World Health Organization that 9.6% of men and 18% of women all over the world aged 60 or over experience symptomic osteoarthritis. Around 25% of people are not able to carry out key daily tasks.

Conventional treatment costs can prove expensive in the long run in addition to the unbearable pain endured by most arthritis sufferers. Many people look for the newest or the most conventional medical wonders. However it is worth bearing in mind other options when beating this disease.

Enzyme preparation Wobenzym N has been used in Europe from the 1960s. As a natural anti-inflammatory drug it was formerly used for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Wobenzym is also widely popular among Olympic athletes to lower the pain of injuries by as much as 50% whilst improving healing and is commonly being used to stop bruising and puffiness in patients after surgery.

Wobenzym N consists of an excellent combination of systemic enzymes that perform together to prevent inflammation, encourage healing but also offer an array of health benefits as well as anti-aging properties:

Wobenzym is able to offer the following vital enzymes:

  • Rutin– a potent free radical scavenger that performs as an anti-inflammatory drug by holding back the enzymes that creates inflammation
  • Papain – shows powerful anti-inflammatory effects
  • Trypsin – speeds injury repair, enhances the activity of the immune system and may also help sustain a healthy circulation
  • Bromelain – lowers inflammation and the pain that is linked to it. Aids the body to decrease joint swelling and improve the immune system
  • Chymotrypsin – helps keep the blood flowing freely  improving circulation
  • Pancreatin – aids body aching by treating swelling and  joint pain

Hydergine Effects For Mental Disabilities

14 Mar

When blood is encouraged to the brain we raise the flow of oxygen transported by the blood. Hydergine treatment is one method of enhancing and controlling the amount of oxygen and blood that exists in the brain. A controlled Hydergine dosage has numerous positive effects on the brain cell health. The ability to reduce harmful free radicals can improve mental ability. Hydergine is an extract of a fungus that grows on rye called ergoloid mesylate. Hydergine effects have been to help people with Alzheimer’s disease, memory disturbances and those who have suffered from shock associated with suffocation or electric drowning.

A treatment of Hydergine is a course of supplement that is regarded as a “smart drug” that belongs to a class identified as Nootropics. These are drugs that are neuroprotective, enhance our mental ability, are non toxic and hold fewer side effects. A dose of hydergine treatment works by assisting a simple formula. When there is increased blood to brain our oxygen is also raised to the brain.

Taken from Rye, Hydergine is one of the world’s most effective smart drugs.  Its main task is to manage and raise oxygen levels to the brain. This is known to influence brain cells on a micro-cellular stage which can effectively invigorate brain cells and as a result lower mental decline and raise intelligence.

Why Is It Important To Balance Oxygen Amounts In The Brain?

Certainly it is important to our well being that oxygen in the brain is balanced. A lot more or far less oxygen can disturb the balance and produce free radicals this can ultimately lead towards aging and cell deterioration. In a procedure known as peroxidation, oxygen is able to respond to the unsaturated fats and produce harmful free radicals. It is the brain more than any other body part that holds a lot of saturated fats. It is at this point that we are at most risk. Free radicals are closely connected with ageing and certainly a subsequent decrease in efficiency of the mind and body and in reality a mental fall. Hydergine Effects can deals with peroxidation and by having a dual function power it is able to provide the correct balance of blood and oxygen.  Hydergine is able to improve mental ability and lower the damage created from peroxidation.

The Minimal Side-effects Of Hydergine

Hydergine side effects are few, especially when the quantity is raised slowly and incrementally. Hydergine. Even in very high dosages the side effects of Hydergine associate with headaches and nauseas feelings, this is something that a gradually increased dosage of hydergine does not provoke. Hydergine dosage taken daily varies from 2.25 mg to 9 mg with dosages building up slowly.