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How Does Retin A Improve Your Skin

28 Jun

Is there any magical formula or skin cream that can actually transform your skin into one which is much younger looking, smooth, rosy, radiant and flawless? To surprise you with loads of joy and excitement, the answer is yes, there is one such formula that can actually work to give you younger looking, flawless and beautiful skin that you have always dreamed of all your life.

Unlike the heavy but false claims of all those expensive cosmetic creams, which come in gorgeous packaging but unfortunately fail to deliver that beautiful skin, retin A has no big claims to make, but only true promises to make. Although, it does not come in attractive packaging, it can give a skin that will become the center of attraction.

Retin A Cream for Skin

Retin A Cream for Skin

In all retin A reviews, retin A has come out to be the only anti wrinkle cream and anti acne cream that can truly improve your skin and transform the look and texture of your skin dramatically. Imagine rubbing some lotion into your face each night and watching the years roll right off your appearance.  Well, Retin-A can do that for a lot of you.

Dermatologists, the world-wide swear by retin A to treat any kind of skin problem ranging from skin rash, acne, blemishes and pimples to wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Discovered some 30 years ago for acne treatment, retin A soon became number one anti wrinkle cream with its properties to smooth out fine lines, firm sagging skin and bring a rosy glow on the face.

Now you must be wondering, what is that makes retin A such a powerful wrinkle remover and anti acne cream. Well it is retin A’s ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and increase cell turn over at the very cellular level of the skin. This helps in sloughing off the dead upper layer of the skin fast to reveal the new formed younger looking and fresh skin beneath.

Moreover, retin A also works to stimulate collagen production, which helps in increasing the elasticity and flexibility of the skin, making the skin look firmer, tighter and smoother. This also makes retin A for stretch marks a great and safe solution. Thus derived from vitamin A, retin A is the best skin cream to improve the tone and texture of the skin.

However, as it can be drying on the skin, retin A moisturizer must be used for dry and normal skin to prevent the skin from flaking and peeling due to excessive dryness.

How To Fade Marks And Scars With Retin A

22 Jun

Blemish free skin is the dream of every single woman and girl on this planet. No matter how good our skin care regimen is but given the stressful and polluted environment in which we live, the dream is as elusive as it sounds. We all have some or the other kind of skin imperfection such as pimples, wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots and scars that mar our appearance and make this dream difficult to achieve. So does this mean, it is impossible to have perfect skin.

However, with the advancement in dermatology and field of medicine, today there are a lot of treatment options available today such as plastic surgery, peeling, microdermabrasion, laser, chemical peels, ceramide creams etc. to eradicate the different skin conditions. Since, all the above mentioned treatments and procedures are invasive and expensive, beautiful skin seems to be the privilege of the rich and the famous.

While these treatments are expensive and cannot be afforded by each and everyone, there is retin A for wrinkles as one miracle cure for all kinds of skin blemishes that is absolutely inexpensive and readily available. So girls, the good news is that with retin A as the miracle potion you need not have to put up with those ugly acne scars, marks, red rashes, black heads and other such blemishes any more in your life.

Acne Scars

Retin A to cure Acne Scars

Retin A micro gel for acne is the best treatment for not only treating acne but also removing and fading rigid acne scars and blemishes from your skin for a crystal clear complexion. For all those, who only knew retin A as an anti wrinkle cream, the knowledge that retin A can fade dark spots, scars, and marks from the complexion is a great discovery.

While relation of acne and retin A is the oldest one with retin A first designed and formulated as an anti acne cream, retin A’s use to erase marks, blemishes, fine lines, and blackheads is of recent origin. Today more and more dermatologists are prescribing retin A to treat myriad skin conditions such red marks on skin, pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles and pimples.

What makes retin A the best acne treatment, most effective cure for wrinkles and treatment to erase red marks and pigmentation from the face is its ability to remove the dead upper layer of the skin by increasing the cell turnover and exfoliation process of the skin. This makes the underlying layer of fresh skin which is free from wrinkles, pimples, fine lines and red marks appear on the surface, thereby making the whole complexion look perfect and flawless.

So if you want to fade those red marks and scars from your skin surface, the best remedy is to apple retin A micro gel on the marks and scars daily at bed time after washing your face.

Retin A To Take Ages Off From Your Face

5 Jun

The need to remain young and good looking is as old as the civilization itself. From times immemorial there are instances and anecdotes on people’s searching for the fountain of youth. As time passed by and gave way to realistic and logical thinking, people realized no such fountain of youth existed that can truly turn back the clock and return them their lost youth and beauty.

However, with the advancement of science and technology, there does exists certain anti ageing products that can actually enhance the texture of the skin to make it appear young and dewy. Retin A is one such top anti ageing product that can help one get youthful skin without the need for some invasive and expensive procedure like plastic surgery.

Retin A For Wrinkles

Retin A For Wrinkles

Also known as retinol, today retin A or retinol is found as an active ingredient in most of the top anti ageing products available in the market. The interesting part about retinol is that, apart from being a top anti ageing ingredient, it is also one of the most effective acne fighting ingredient. The role of retinol a for acne is well known in the skin industry and science.

Now you must be wondering, what makes retin a for wrinkles so effective and special. The answer lies in its powerful cell turnover action and collagen stimulating properties. Retin A is so far the most effective ingredient known to man that has the ability to exfoliate the dead upper layer of the skin at a much faster rate to reveal young fresh skin inside.

It is this exfoliation action, which makes retin a for acne equally effective and best anti acne treatment option for both adult acne and teenage acne.  Today there is dearth of best retinol products available in the market for those who are looking to have younger looking and problem free skin without paying hefty amounts and regressive skin care regimen. Now some your queries answered:

Will retin A work if I use it every two days?

The answer is yes. Retin A works even if you use it only for 3-4 days a week. Especially in the beginning of the treatment and at the end of the treatment, you need to use it every two days, first to make your skin become used to the skin and second for maintenance you need to use it every alternate or second day for touch ups.

How Long should you use retin A to see results?

how long does it take retin a to work on wrinkles?

The answer is, the results will start appearing in as less than as 12 weeks of religious use. However, you need to use the cream for at least months and then for one year for maintenance and lasting results.

Retin A For Flawless Skin

Retin A For Flawless Skin

Where can I buy retin-A cream?

Although you can buy prescription retinol or retin A from over the counter in the market, you also buy retin A online from International antiageing systems. com.

Retin A To Treat Adult Acne In Both Men And Women

23 May

If you think only girls and women are concerned about their looks and skin care, you are living in different world. In this age of the metrosexual man, boys and men are equally concerned and worried about the condition of their skin just like girls and women. Acne is a skin condition which mainly occurs due to hormonal imbalance resulting in an over production of oil by the sebaceous glands in the skin.

While acne is most common among teenagers when all those hormonal changes are taking place in the body, it can also occur in adults. This type of acne which occurs in older adults is therefore termed as adult acne. It can affect both men and women. In fact in certain cases its worse in men than women. For some men, acne is like a bad credit rating — no matter what they do, it won’t go away, and it keeps on humiliating them.

If you are wondering about the favorite of most women and dermatologists, tretinoin, most popularly known as retin A for the treatment of adult acne, you are absolutely right. Retin A for adult acne treatment is the best treatment that can actually treat even the most rigid and fussy condition of adult acne in men.

Although, retin A is the only effective treatment for the permanent solution of adult acne problem in men and women, people worry about the negative or adverse effects of this powerful anti aging cream or acne treatment cream. Many men are found asking the question, can topical retin A affect sperm count. If you too are one of those who are wondering if retin A can interfere with their reproductive system or manhood, all your doubts and worries are absolutely baseless.

Retin A is not only the most effective but also the safest acne treatment as opposed to other hormone treatments and steroids to clear the case of adult acne. Not only men, even pregnant women too are skeptical and often wonder, can a woman use retin A while conceiving a child. The answer to this question too is positive.

Being a derivative of vitamin A, retin A is devoid of any side effects and works by simply exfoliating the dead upper layer of the skin to reveal newer and smooth skin beneath. Retin A goes at the cellular level of the skin which oth

er skin creams can not to treat various skin problems such as adult acne, black heads, white heads, oily skin, blemishes, and pigmentation. If you ask, is retin A for dark circles, the answer is ofcourse yes. As retin A evens out the complexion, it works to remove pigmentation and under eye dark circles.

Retin A For Dark Circles

Retin A For Dark Circles

Another interesting use of retin A micro is to treat in grown hair. As an anti aging cream, retin A stimulates collagen production to erase fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin.  If you are wondering, which is the best retin A product, although all retin A products are effective, the best ones are the prescription strength retin A products. Consult a dermatologist for your particular condition.

Retin A The Ultimate Treatment For Acne And Wrinkles

23 Apr

Wrinkles, acne, black heads, fine lines, creases, sagging, blemishes and dark spots are the worst enemies to a beautiful and flawless complexion. While all women dream to have a wonderful glowing skin, given our faulty diets, environmental pollution, stress and strain of daily life, this dream of having a flawless complexion seems to be distant and difficult. Today, more and more women are facing skin problems like teenage pimples, premature wrinkles, dark spots, adult acne and other such blemishes and conditions. So for this Retin A is the best treatment for these problems.


Although there is a vast variety of expensive skin care creams, daily moisturizers, beauty serums and acne gels available in the market, these hardly make any noticeable difference in the look and feel of the skin. Daily moisturizers including the top anti aging products definitely make the skin look supple but fail to erase the early signs of aging like dark spots and creases. Similarly while acne gels helps in clearing spots instantly, these fail to offer a permanent solution to acne problem.

In such a scenario, retin A also known as retinol a cream or isotretinoin is the only cost effective options available in the market to treat the problem of premature wrinkles and stubborn pimples for a flawless and glowing complexion. This retinol a cream is derived from vitamin A which act as light natural peel to speed up the exfoliation process and stimulate collagen production for clear, younger looking skin.

Discovered some 30 years ago, tretinoin for acne treatment, is today regarded as one of the most effective anti wrinkle cream available over the counter. Almost all top anti aging products available in the market contain retin A as the active ingredient to fight the signs of aging and sun related skin damage such as fine lines, creases, sagging, dark spots and uneven complexion.

Retin-A CreamNow you must be wondering what makes this wrinkle remover so effective and efficient in not only clearing the signs of aging but also treating other skin problems to give you a wonderful and flawless skin. Since retin A contains vitamin A, it goes into the deepest layers of the skin to repair skin damage at the cellular level. It not only sloughs off the dead upper layer of the skin to reveal brighter and fresher skin inside thus clearing acne, and black heads but also increases the cell turnover to stimulate collagen production for tighter and firmer skin free from wrinkles and sagging.

You can thus not only remove your forehead wrinkles and under eye wrinkles but tighten and firm your overall complexion for a more youthful, smooth and clear complexion. Retin A dosage is once daily in pea sized amount on cleansed and dry skin. Always use retin A at bedtime to prevent sun sensitivity.