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Adrafinil to Increase Mind Power and Concentration with Ease and Effectiveness

2 Jul

You must have heard about the popular saying by Robert Brault, “It’s hard to make up your bed while you’re still sleeping in it. Hard to make up your mind for the same reason.” It is truly difficult to focus and make important decisions when your mind is dizzy and sleeping.

But what if your mind remains in this sleepy state most of the time and its affecting your both personal and professional life? Is there any way you can wake up your brain and increase mind power with and effectiveness and without causing any negative side effect to your mind and body?

Yes, there is. No, we are not talking about your morning coffee here or the daily dose of caffeine you take to keep your mind alert and focused. You know that does not work and so do we. And to make it worse, there comes a host of adverse effects associated with such stimulants. Perhaps, you might be knowing better, having got addicted to your favorite cuppa!

What we are talking about here, are the new generation of mind power drugs called smart drugs or nootropics. These drugs are specially designed to increase intelligence, improve memory and enhance cognition without causing any negative side effect.

Adrafinil is one such nootropic drug belonging to the category of nootropics called ‘eugrogics’, meaning good arousal. Thus as the name suggests, adrafinil works to wake up the brain and stimulate focus sans any side effect or contraindications.

Adrafinil works directly on special receptors in the brain, called postsynaptic receptors. Since adrafinil works directly on the sites which control alertness and does not interfere with any other brain function, it does not cause any negative side effect often associated with conventional stimulants like caffeine.

Adrafinil benefits thus are many. These include the following:

•             improved short term memory

•             improved attention and concentration

•             enhanced clarity of thought.

•             normalization of sleep patterns.

•             less mental fatigue.

•             higher quality of self-awareness.

•             raised levels of optimism and enthusiasm for day to day life

•             freedom from depression

Adrafinil for mind power and concentration

Adrafinil for mind power and concentration

You can thus increase your mind power by boosting concentration and alertness and increase your effectiveness and efficiency not only at work but in all aspects of your life. Adrafinil can be taken as an anti ageing and mind power stimulant to boost brain power, prevent oxidative damage and delay age related mental decline

Adrafinil dosage is not more than 2 to 4 tablets per day by the elderly and 1 to 2 tablets per day for middle age adults.