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Adrafinil To Stay Awake And Alert

30 Jan

Adrafinil is a stimulating drug belonging to the category of drugs called ‘eugeroics’ which means ‘good arousal’. Abrafinil is also well known with its trade name called olmifon adrafinil. The drug is basically used to treat excessive drowisiness or sleepiness caused by a disorder or condition called narcolepsy and also cure many elderly people of inattention or lack of their ability to focus and concentrate on things.

While adrafinil olmifon is used to treat the aboce mentioned medical conditions, there are many otherwise healthy individuals and adults who take this mind stimulating drug to avoid fatigue, increase awareness and improve mental ability. Thus this, central nervous stimulating dug has been proved to be especially beneficial for night time workers, students and many high profile professionals with busy schedules and hectic lifestyles.

While there are many other stimulants like caffiene, coffee, energy drinks etc. to stimulate the mind and keep one awake, energetic and active, adrafinil is superior to these and any other given stimulant in various respects. First, as compared to other over the counter stimulants, adrafinil is devoid of any side effects with its key ability to provide stimulation only to the area of the brain where stimulation is required without affecting other parts of the brain, unlike caffiene which happens to stimulate the entire mind.

Second, while the effects of other stimulants remain for a short while and after a certain period of time no amount of caffiene can give the desired stimulation, adrafinil on the other hand remains for a long time in your system, thus providing you with the necessary stimulation which lasts long. Adrafinil thus is a very gentle stimulant which gives the required stimulation without common side effects of other stimulants, such as insomnia, the jitters, euphoria or the eventual ‘crash’ most produce after caffeiene.

However, since adrafinil is soft and gentle on your system, the effects ahow after 45 to 60 minutes of consuming this drug. The benefits also build up gradually over a period of days. Along with providing mental stimulation, olmifon adrafinil also increases energy, boosts mental ability and brightens mood, thereby acting as an anti depressant medication.

While the exact functioning of this drug is still not clearly known, adrafinil has been shown to selectively stimulate the adrenergic recepters in the brain, responsible for awareness, alertness, learning and memory, thus adrafinil provides selective stimulation and boosts mind power without affecting any other functions of the brain.

Since adrafinil is a completely safe medication devoid of any side effects and contraindications, you can buy adrafinil online from any good supplements or medicines site. Recommended adrafinil dosage is one or two 300mg tablets twice a day, but not continuously without liver enzyme blood tests.