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Deprenyl To Prevent Brain Ageing And Combat Depression

12 Mar

Deprenyl is a powerful anti ageing medicine belonging to the category of smart drugs called nootropic substances for its ability to prevent brain ageing and thus increase intelligence, improve memory and fight depression. Also known as selegiline, deprenyl is basically a selective MAO-B inhibitor which was first formulated as a ‘psychic energizer’ to integrate some amphetamine-like brain effects with anti-depressant effects.

However, with its remarkable ability to increase dopamine levels in the brain and protect nerve cells against a wide, and growing, number of neurotoxins, it has been found to be especially beneficial for alzhiemer’s disease treatment and treatment of early parkinson’s disease where all other medicines have failed to provide any beneficial effect.

Since alzhiemer’s disease and parkinson’s disease are two very serious forms of mental decline, characterized by the depletion of the neurotransmitter dopamine, supplementing with deprenyl can prove to be extremely beneficial for the treatment of these two serious conditions and extending the life expectancy of the patient.

It would be of great interest to note that deprenyl is the first nootropic drug with mono amine inhibiting property. It is the first selective inhibitor of MAO-B ever discovered and till then remains the only nootropic drug with MOB-B inhibiting property to increase dopamine levels in the brain to treat alzhiemer’s disease and various other forms of mental decline and depressive conditions since last 40 years.

It has been observed that the dopamine levels in our brain tend to decline with age. After the age of 45 years, the average dopamine levels in an individual’s mind decrease by 13% per decade. Once a person’s dopamine levels decrease by 30%, symptoms of early parkinson’s disease start to show. While 13% decline in dopamine levels is an average figure, some individuals exhibit more rapid decline and others less rapid decline.

So for those individuals who start to show symptoms of mental decline, it becomes very necessary to supplement their diet with proper medication to prevent progressive brain ageing and decline so as to avoid the onset of serious conditions and extend life. Deprenyl  in such a scenario, works as an excellent anti ageing drug to extend life and improve the quality of life.

Apart from this, Deprenyl also offers great hope in conditions such as stroke, hormone inadequacy, amyotrophic lateralizing sclerosis disease, fatigue, chronic pain, gastric ulcers, senile dementia, sexual dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, learning difficulties, blepharospasm, hypertension, depression and cancer. It is also known to possess an aphrodisiac effect and helps to improve sexual function and desire.

As a nootropic drug, deprenyl has very few to none side effects which vary from individual to individual. Recommended dosage  include 2.5mg to 5mg once, twice or three times a week, or, 1mg to 3mg per day, with regular breaks.