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How to Have Healthy Life with Metformin

20 Aug

Living with diabetes can be a complex and dangerous situation. Any change in the blood sugar levels either towards the increase or towards the decrease can prove to be extremely dangerous and fatal for the patient. Blood sugar levels thus should always be constantly monitored and remained under control for a diabetic patient to lead a healthy and trouble free life.

What is diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of the body, when the cells of the body become insensitive to the effect if insulin present in the blood. It can also be caused due to a decline or absence of production of insulin by the liver, thus resulting in abnormal high levels of sugar floating in the blood.

Types of diabetes mellitus

There are basically two types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes and diabetes mellitus type 2. Most popularly known as type 2 diabetes, diabetes mellitus type 2 is more common and prevalent as compared to type 1 diabetes, which is a genetic disorder and can be present from birth or childhood.

Cause of Type 2 diabetes mellitus

While, the exact cause of type 2 diabetes is still unknown, it has been established that type 2 diabetes is not caused by eating more sugar or sugary foods as per the popular belief but diabetes is caused by a disorder in the body when the cells of the body either stops responding to the effect of insulin or the production of insulin in the liver declines drastically resulting in elevated levels of sugar or glucose in the blood.

Risk factors for type 2 diabetes

Certain risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus include highly stressful life style, family history of type 2 diabetes, obesity, improper diet, lack of physical exercise, tension, anxiety etc. Type 2 diabetes thus generally occurs in middle age adults and is often also described as a life style disease.

Diabetes prevention program

While there is no permanent cure for type 2 diabetes, it can be treated and controlled if we control the blood sugar levels. Metformin is a special type 2 diabetes treatment drug belonging to the category of biaguande class of drugs and is especially designed to control and reduce the blood sugar levels in the body of type 2 diabetes patients.

Rather than interfering with the production of insulin in the liver, metformin makes the cells of the body more receptive and sensitive to the effect of insulin, thereby bringing the blood sugar levels down. The medicine is completely safe to take with no known side effects, toxcity or contrainadications and thus proves to be the best medicine for non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

Can Metformin Restore Fertility in Women with PCOS

25 Jun

Metformin, as we all know is a medicine to treat type 2 diabetes by controlling or lowering the blood sugar levels. The medicine belongs to a class of drugs called biguanide category, which not only work to lower the blood sugar levels in the body but also work to treat the insulin resistance syndrome found in all diabetic patients. It is this property of metformin to treat the insulin resistance syndrome, makes metformin useful for not only diabetics but also overweight people and women suffering from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, popularly known as PCOS.

Now you must be wondering what exactly is PCOS and how does this affect a woman’s ability to conceive. To understand about PCOS, it is first important to know about the symptoms of polycystic ovaries, which include irregular periods, excessive male pattern hair growth on face and body, acne, excess body weight, anovulation, insulin resistance and infertility. So if you experience any of the two or more of the above mentioned symptoms, it is very likely that you might be suffering from PCOS.

Metformin Dosage For PCOS

Metformin Dosage For PCOS

While the condition is absolutely harmless in itself, it can become a cause of other serious concerns of the body and mind such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, infertility, stress, and depression, thus affecting a person’s both physical and emotional well being. It thus becomes imperative to seek poly cystic ovaries treatment not only to enable a person conceive and lead a happy family life but also to prevent the occurrence of serious health conditions like type 2 diabetes.


Since PCOS also increases a woman’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes due to the problem of insulin resistance associated with this syndrome, metformin, the popular type 2 diabetes treatment drug is proved to be effective in curing PCOS in many women and thus helping these women get rid of their infertility and other PCOS related discomforts.


Thus following a strict diet, which is high in fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins and low in fat and simple carbohydrates along with exercise and regular metformin dosage goes a long way in reducing blood sugar levels, treating insulin resistance, reducing weight, lowering cholesterol and thus increasing a woman’s ability to conceive by treating PCOS condition.


Although, metformin may not directly affect a woman’s ability to conceive and in certain cases infertility drugs are also required to treat infertility in women with PCOS, metformin Hcl 500 mg still can go a long way in not only supporting other drugs to treat infertility but also help a woman lose weight and cut down her chances of getting serious illnesses.

Why Metformin Is The Best Drug For Type 2 Diabetes

23 Jun

Diabetes is a chronic and lifelong disorder characterized by raised levels of sugar in the blood stream. There are basically two types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is different from type 1 diabetes in the sense that the later occurs mostly at middle age as opposed to the former which occurs at birth or in childhood. Moreover, in type 2 diabetes fat, liver, and muscle cells do not respond correctly to insulin. This is called insulin resistance. As a result, blood sugar does not get into these cells to be stored for energy.

While there are a lot of medicines available today for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, including the new age type 2 diabetes treatment medications such as Avandia, Amaryl, Actos, Januvia, Glucatrol, Prandia and Starlix, metformin still stands out to be the best among these medicines for a multitude of different reasons. Metformin has been in the market for more than 15 years now and still remains one of the most popular type 2 treatment drug among the masses.

Metformin Hydrochloride

Metformin Hydrochloride

Although, its low cost and easy availability is also one of the key factors for its wide-spread popularity and preference over other expensive medications among the general population across the globe, it is prescribed by doctors for reasons other than the low cost and availability. Firstly, metformin side effects are minimal and mild as compared to the adverse effects of other type 2 diabetes treatment drugs, which have been observed to cause weight gain, fractures and even pose a risk to cardiovascular heart failure.

Metformin HCL not only is effective in treating type 2 diabetes but instead of causing weight gain as a side effect, the medicine can actually help a person to lose weight instead. As most type 2 diabetes patients are overweight and obese, the feature of weight loss with metformin comes as a positive side effect or an added bonus of this medication. It is for this very reason, metformin is sometimes prescribed to even overweight and obese individuals to not only help them lose weight but also prevent them from the risk of getting diabetes in the future.

As diabetics have insulin resistance which makes it difficult for cells to absorb sugar from the blood stream, thereby resulting in high levels of sugar build up in the blood, metformin hydrochloride 500 mg by allowing glucose to enter your body’s tissues where it is used for energy, lowers blood sugar levels and make the tissues more responsive to insulin and thus help treat type 2 diabetes without any major side effect.

Metformin dosage depends on individual condition to be treated, therefore, you must consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Metformin For Diabetes Cure Without Weight Gain

11 Jun

While we all know that most people who suffer from type 2 diabetes are either overweight or obese, the medicines available to treat type 2 diabetes cause further weight gain, thereby making the weight issue all the more problematic for diabetic people. Now the concern is, is there any way to treat type 2 diabetes without causing weight gain.

The answer is yes, with metformin also known as glucophage one cannot only keep his/her blood sugar levels at a stable rate but also weight with consistent use. Surprised? You should not be, as metformin is a blood sugar lowering medication that doesn’t cause weight gain in most people. In fact, some people experience modest weight loss while taking it.

Now the next question comes, how does metformin cause weight loss  in many people. Although, the popular study while studing the link between metformin, diabetes and weight loss is that metformin causes weight loss in many people as it curbs hunger and makes a person eat less along with lowering the blood sugar levels in the type 2 diabetes individual. Thus people who take metformin tend to eat less and over a course of time end up in losing weight.

Metformin for Diabetes Cure

Metformin for Diabetes Cure

However, it was also noticed that weight loss was also dose related. Meaning people who took high dose metformin experienced more weight loss as compared to those who took low dose metformin to manage their type 2 diabetes condition. So the bottom line is no matter what the exact cause, but metformin by improving insulin sensitivity and lowering glucose levels, prevents hunger and promotes weight loss.

This way metformin not only helps weight loss in many individuals, but by improving insulin sensitivity and inducing weight loss, metformin can also help many reproductive women suffering from poly cystic ovarian syndrome popularly known as PCOS, get over their conditions and be able to conceive. As many women with insulin resistance and PCOS are overweight and obese, metformin can prove to be a great medicine to cure PCOS.

However, certain precautions must be taken while taking metformin to enhance its effects, avoid side effects and increase efficacy. While taking metformin you must ensure that you take a strict metformin diet which is high in proteins and complex carbohydrates while low in simple carbohydrates, fats and sugars along with consistent exercise regimen. Also metformin should not be taken in cases of kidney disease, heart disease and hyperthyroidism to avoid its serious complications.

Recommended metformin dosage is 500 mg sto be taken a few minutes before you eat, usually three times a day.

Metformin The Wonder Drug

29 May

Metformin is an effective and potent anti diabetic drug of the biguanide drugs category. It is basically used to control blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. However, apart from its basic function of reducing the blood sugar levels in the body, metformin has also been found to be effective in a variety of many other complicated conditions and problems of the body such as obesity, heart disease, PCOS and hypertension.

Metformin type 2 diabetes treatment drug

What is Diabetes

What is Diabetes

Now you must be wondering how can metforal, a type 2 diabetes treatment drug help in treating other conditions of the body like heart disease and PCOS.  While we all know that diabetes is a condition of the body in which the body produces less insulin than required to digest the high amounts of sugar in the blood stream. Sometimes diabetes also occur when the cells of the body become resistant to the action of insulin. This condition is referred to as insulin resistance.

Metformin for PCOS

Metformin in such a scenario, metformin helps by not only decreasing sugar production in the liver and lowering the absorption of sugar in the blood stream but also helps to control blood sugar levels by making receptors of insulin more sensitive to help the body respond and maintain its own insulin levels. As PCOS is also a condition related to insulin resistance in women of the reproductive age, metformin in such a condition by correcting insulin resistance can help treat PCOS in women.

Metformin to lower cholesterol and reduce weight

Metformin also helps to lower the elevated levels of testosterone found in PCOS women and can thus help reverse many of the PCOS symptoms like excess weight, unwanted hair growth and infertility. Another interesting feature of following metformin diet is a remarkable reduction in body’s triglycerides levels, this further makes the drug helpful in treating other concerns such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Metformin to treat hypertension and cardiovascular disease

In a clinical trial involving non diabetics with hypertension, metformin significantly reduced fasting insulin or C-peptide levels, as well as total cholesterol, low density lipids cholesterol or apolipoprotein B levels, fasting free fatty acids and tissue plasminogen activator antigen levels. Metformin was thus proved to be significant in treating the problem of high BP and cholesterol in many individuals and thus cut down the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Metformin for cancer treatment

Now, you must be surprised to know that this wonder drug to reduce blood sugar levels has also been found to strengthen the immune system and help in the treatment of many fatal and debilitating conditions of the body such as cancer. Metformin has been found to suppress the growth of some tumors and enhance the activity of anti-cancer drugs. The way metformin improves cellular immunity is linked to its blood sugar lowering effect by improving receptor sensitivity and number.

Apart from people with kidney or liver disease metformin is devoid of any toxicity or contraindications and metformin side effects are almost none. For metformin dosage, please refer to your doctor.

Metformin To Treat Uveitis

22 May

Metformin is well known all over the world as one of the ace anti diabetic drugs available in the market for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The drugs work on a simple formula of reducing blood sugar levels to help treat type 2 diabetes patients who are reported to have an abnormally high level of sugar running through their blood stream, thereby posing them at risk to incur various other serious health problems such as obesity, heart disease and infertility in women of reproductive age.

Although, metformin is a popular type 2 diabetes treatment drug, it has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of a range of different conditions and diseases such as high cholesterol, obesity, high BP, cardiovascular disease and PCOS. Many women with poly cystic ovarian syndrome or simply PCOS have been reported to have benefitted from this wonderful anti diabetic medicine and have been able to conceive using metformin on a regular basis.

However, in another breakthrough finding and research conducted by scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston have found metformin to be effective in reducing the effect of uveitis in various individuals. This breakthrough discovery has been reported in Zeenews.com in their health special feature, “Diabetes drug could help prevent Uveitis”.

Uveitis is a type of eye disease the tissues just below the outer surface of the eyeball gets inflammated. It is uveitis which is mainly responsible for most of the blindness cases all over the world. So far only steroid drugs are used for the treatment of this serious macular disease. As steroid drugs contain many harmful side effects, the breakthrough finding regarding the efficacy of metformin for the treatment of uveitis is a great ray of hope and can prove to be a great boon in the field of safe uveitis treatment and prevention.



Now you must be wondering, how this type 2 diabetes treatment drug can help cure and prevent uveitis. Metformin contains special anti inflammatory properties that help in blocking the causes and effects of inflammation. As per the zeenews report, metformin works by activating an enzyme called AMPK, which in turn damps down the activity of the protein NF-kappa B. The inhibition of NF-kappa B suppresses the production of inflammatory signaling molecules — cytokines and chemokines — needed to initiate and sustain uveitis.

Since metformin being free of any toxicity or harmful side effects can be easily used as an anti-uveitis drug, just like its wide spread use as an anti diabetic medicine. Metformin dosage depends on individual condition and problem to be treated. Therefore consult your doctor before taking metformin for any of your serious health concern, whether it is diabetes, PCOS, heart disease, uveitis or you are looking to take this medicine for simple weight loss.

Metformin To Keep Diabetes In Check

21 May

Diabetes is a debilitating and progressive condition. While the exact cause of this disease is still unknown, it has been found that diabetes is mainly caused due to certain factors and conditions. The main reasons behind the occurrence of type 2 diabetes in certain individuals are the shortage of insulin, insulin resistance, excess weight and genes. If one of your parents have diabetes, it is very likely that you may develop this disease in your later life in case you don’t take precautions and follow a faulty diet.

Metformin For Diabates

Metformin For Diabates

In healthy individuals, the insulin is released by the pancreas into the blood stream. The insulin circulates to muscle cells, where it acts as a ‘door opener’ and lets the glucose into the cell which is used by the muscle cell for energy.  However, in type 2 diabetes the muscles and other tissues are much less responsive to insulin which then makes the pancreas produce more insulin to achieve the desired effect. This results in too much sugar or glucose in the system which can be fatal for the kidneys and other organs of the body.

Metformin is the best type 2 diabetes treatment drug available in the market. Since the main goal of type 2 diabetes treatments is the management of insulin resistance in diabetic individuals, metformin for lowering the blood sugar levels help in achieving the desired goal. While the higher blood sugar levels can also be controlled with diet and exercise, taking oral medication like metformin goes a long way in managing type 2 diabetes in certain individuals with weight and other problems.

Metformin acts by preventing the liver from making excess glucose and by making muscle and fat cells more sensitive to available insulin, thus not only lowers blood glucose levels, which in the long term reduces the risk of diabetic complications, but it also lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and does not cause weight gain the way insulin and some other oral blood-glucose-lowering drugs do.

However, taking metformin doesn’t mean that you stop exercising or controlling your diet, the medicine works best in combination of exercise and diet control if you really want to win victory over this disease. Since metformin do not cause your body to make more insulin, it can cause hypoglycemia in certain individuals. Metformin must be thus taken with due precautions and care.

Another issues with metformin is that it can cause a condition called lactic acidosis which is a buildup of lactic acid in the blood cells. This happens to individuals with kidney problems, who are thus advised not to take this drug without doctor’s suggestion. Otherwise the medicine is completely safe to take with no serious side effects.