Retin A, The Most Powerful Anti Ageing Cream To Treat Wrinkles, Dark Spots And Acne

8 Feb

To have beautiful flawless skin is the dream of every girl and woman regardless of age, class and ethnicity. However, as we age our skin does not function as it should be to look supple, smooth and glowing and we get what we call fine lines, creases, dark spots and wrinkles. Given the stressful and polluted environment in which we live along with our faulty junk food diet, this ageing process gets accelerated and our skin tend to look dull and aged much before its time.

While there are so many anti ageing products and procedures available in the market which promise to give younger looking beautiful skin, most of them fail to come out true on their claims and promises. Despite the pursuit of doctors, beauty experts, cosmetic companies etc. to churn out the next miracle anti ageing product, one product that still holds on to its appeal and promise is retin A cream for wrinkles and acne.

Retin A cream also known as tretinoin or retinol is a derivative of vitamin and is so far the strongest ingredient ever discovered to combat all those early signs of ageing such as dark spots, fine lines, creases and wrinkles. While retin A work as an anti ageing cream, it provides the dual benefits of providing blemish free skin as well. Retin A micro gel is known to cure any type of acne and other skin conditions such as blackheads, blemishes, pimples and dark spots to give you flawless, smooth and glowing skin.

As compared to other anti ageing products and ingredients which work only at the superficial level by just providing a protective moisturizing layer to the skin to make it look supple and soft, retin A cream for wrinkles work at the cellular level to regulate the functioning of the cell to give you not just supple and soft skin but a remodeled younger looking skin that truly glows with health and beauty.

Retin A as an anti ageing cream causes skin cells to turn over more rapidly, thereby shrinking dilated pores and improving cell turnover within the pores so they are less likely to clog and become blackheads and whiteheads and thus treats acne and pimples and overtime stimulates collagen production for a more elastic, firm and smooth skin free from wrinkles, dark spots and pimples.

Retin A micro gel is a clinically proven formula that boosts collagen, clears blemishes and provides younger looking smooth skin without any adverse effects. However, you need to be patient for the results to start showing on your skin. Apply a pea sized amount on cleansed skin preferably at bed time daily for the cream to be effective. Avoid sun exposure and wear a sun-block or sunscreen with high SPF to prevent sun damage while using retin A cream.

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