Wobenzym N For Pain And Inflammation Relief

17 Feb

Wobenzym N is an interesting blend of different essential enzymes needed by our body for the better absorption of food and vital nutrients in the body for stronger and better immunity. This enzyme formula was first developed and introduced in Germany 40 years ago by a pharmacy called Mucos Pharma GmbH and since then wobenzym N is used by people all over the world for temporary relief from pains, swelling, muscle soreness and weakness.

Wobenzym N mucos is composed of systemic enzymes from plant and animal sources such as Pancreatin 100mg, Papain 60mg, Rutoside 50mg, Bromelain 45mg, Trypsin 24mg, Chymotrypsin which are known to assist blood cells in their work, lower cholesterol, enhance circulation. Along with this, these systemic enzymes act as anti inflammatory tool to reduce swelling and muscle soreness in people with joint stiffness and osteoarthritis. By enhancing circulation and reducing inflammation, wobenzym N also reduces the chances of heart disease and strokes.

Since its inception, wobenzym N has been continuously improved and the wobenzym n mucos tablet that we have today come with the enteric-coated enzymes which spare each tablet from the stomach acids. This way, it reaches the small intestine with its health benefits fully absorbed and utilized. This makes this interesting formula as a potent enzyme supplement for overall immunity and stronger health of the body.

Wobenzym n thus not only helps with joint pain, swelling and muscle soreness but has also been proven to be beneficial in slowing down the signs of ageing and reducing the risk of heart disease. This makes it act as an excellent anti ageing supplement or aid. In many of the clinical trials, people on wobenzym n mucos tablet have been shown to have stronger immunity, better circulation, greater energy, increased energy and vitality to perform different activities with interest and enthusiasm.

Upon ingestion, all systemic enzymes in this formulation work together to produce smaller chains of amino acids for quick and effective attainment of better health. Wobenzym has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of various disorders such as sinus infection, traumatic injury, sports injury, arthritic and rheumatic pains, bacterial, yeast, fungal and viral infection, cardio-vascular obstruction and related ailments, edema, digestive problems as well as treatment of colds and flu.

Wobenzym n is a completely safe medicine with no known side effects or contraindications. Recommended daily dosage is two tablets one hour to half an hour before meals or as directed by a health professional as a digestive aid and remedy to treat pain and inflammation.

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