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Open Up Your Mind to Improved Focus and Enhanced Cognition with Adrafinil

28 Aug

It is mid morning and your eyes are already half shut with drowsiness, the simple project you thought to complete in few minutes is now taking hours to finish, and worst of all is the drive back home from office, it is so difficult to focus while driving that you are now contemplating to take the public transport. If the scenario seems familiar with you, it is time to take stock of your health and do something about your mind to awaken your focus and mental ability.

Daytime drowsiness is a sleep disorder than tends to affect a lot of individuals. Known as narcolepsy, excessive sleepiness during daytime can wreak havoc with not only your physical and mental health but can also affect your personal and professional life. The same is true for young nursing mothers, night time workers, elderly, certain competition and result oriented students and young professionals. These all tend to suffer from the problem of daytime sleepiness, lethargy, fatigue, loss of concentration, lapses in memory and difficulty in understanding things and responding to situations and stimuli.

So, if you too happen to fall in this category and are finding it hard to cope with your mental disorder and performance, there is no need to worry or panic about. With a great deal of advancement in the field of medicine and medical science, there are now medicines and special mind power supplements and stimulants like adrafinil olmifon that can actually open your mind to improve focus and attention and enhance cognition and energy, thus making you feel alert and active to perform all the tasks and duties assigned to you effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, as adrafinil has been found to increase energy, drive and motivation along with brightening mood, it can also be taken as an anti depressant supplement to tackle depression and depressive disorders and help depressed people feel happy, energetic and bright again.

So, with the discovery of adrafinil supplement by Lafon Laboratories in France, we now have a pill that can stimulate your central nervous system to make you feel more energetic, awake, attentive and alert without causing any side effects or harm like conventional stimulants that may cause jitters, anxiety and addiction with regular use. This is mainly because adrafinil tends to only affect the area of the brain where stimulation is required without affecting any other part or area of the brain.

So, as adrafinil side effects are almost none to rare and mild, it can be taken by anyone looking to improve memory, increase energy, fight fatigue and prevent mental decline. Adrafinil dosage depens on individual condition to be treated.


Adrafinil to Increase Mind Power and Concentration with Ease and Effectiveness

2 Jul

You must have heard about the popular saying by Robert Brault, “It’s hard to make up your bed while you’re still sleeping in it. Hard to make up your mind for the same reason.” It is truly difficult to focus and make important decisions when your mind is dizzy and sleeping.

But what if your mind remains in this sleepy state most of the time and its affecting your both personal and professional life? Is there any way you can wake up your brain and increase mind power with and effectiveness and without causing any negative side effect to your mind and body?

Yes, there is. No, we are not talking about your morning coffee here or the daily dose of caffeine you take to keep your mind alert and focused. You know that does not work and so do we. And to make it worse, there comes a host of adverse effects associated with such stimulants. Perhaps, you might be knowing better, having got addicted to your favorite cuppa!

What we are talking about here, are the new generation of mind power drugs called smart drugs or nootropics. These drugs are specially designed to increase intelligence, improve memory and enhance cognition without causing any negative side effect.

Adrafinil is one such nootropic drug belonging to the category of nootropics called ‘eugrogics’, meaning good arousal. Thus as the name suggests, adrafinil works to wake up the brain and stimulate focus sans any side effect or contraindications.

Adrafinil works directly on special receptors in the brain, called postsynaptic receptors. Since adrafinil works directly on the sites which control alertness and does not interfere with any other brain function, it does not cause any negative side effect often associated with conventional stimulants like caffeine.

Adrafinil benefits thus are many. These include the following:

•             improved short term memory

•             improved attention and concentration

•             enhanced clarity of thought.

•             normalization of sleep patterns.

•             less mental fatigue.

•             higher quality of self-awareness.

•             raised levels of optimism and enthusiasm for day to day life

•             freedom from depression

Adrafinil for mind power and concentration

Adrafinil for mind power and concentration

You can thus increase your mind power by boosting concentration and alertness and increase your effectiveness and efficiency not only at work but in all aspects of your life. Adrafinil can be taken as an anti ageing and mind power stimulant to boost brain power, prevent oxidative damage and delay age related mental decline

Adrafinil dosage is not more than 2 to 4 tablets per day by the elderly and 1 to 2 tablets per day for middle age adults.

Adrafinil Vs Modafinil, Which Is Better?

15 Jun

While the days of physical supremacy are over, in this technology and information driven age of today, Darwin’s law, ‘survival of the fittest’ still holds true. Today, the supremacy and power lie not in physical strength but in the power and sharpness of the mind. Only the intelligent and focused people can succeed in our competition driven society of ours. So, if you have the knowledge, you have the power. And to acquire knowledge, learn new things, you need to have a sharp and quick mind.

While intelligence is genetic and God given gift, you can still enhance and sharpen your mental ability with various methods. There are different ways to increase mind power and memory, such as crosswords, puzzles, memory exercises and special diet. Although, these do benefit to an extent, but these methods take long to achieve results. Now if you are wondering is there any special way with which you can give an instant kick to your mind. The answer is yes.

There is now a completely new field of medicines called nootropic drugs better known as smart drugs to specifically increase intelligence, improve memory and increase the overall energy of the mind and body. While nootropics such as hydergine, piracetam, aniracetam and centrophenoxine are designed to increase memory and enhance cognition, there is another category of drugs such as adrafinil, modafinil called Eugeroics meaning “good arousal”- designed to promote vigilance and alertness.

These drugs are also known as stimulants for their ability to increase alertness, sharpen focus, because adrafinil improves memory and enhance energy and cognition almost immediately after taking the medicine. That is why these drugs are better known as drugs that awaken the mind. Adrafinil, the first drug of this kind was actually designed and developed to condition called narcolepsy, which causes excessive day time sleepiness among individuals.

Olmifon Adrafinil

Olmifon Adrafinil

As adrafinil side effects were none as compared to other conventional stimulants like coffee and caffeine, doctors started prescribing this medicine to even night time workers, young working mother and other special cases to help these individuals cope with their hectic life styles with increased energy and intelligence. However, today adrafinil is taken by many students and young professionals to stimulate their mind to succeed in their studies and careers.

After much success of adrafinil, scientists launched a newer and more potent version of adrafinil called modafinil. While both drugs are developed by the same Lafon laboratories as wake-promoting agents that improve wakefulness and both provide stimulation only where stimulation is required, both are a little different from each other only in the sense that modalert 200 mg is more potent and effective than olmifon adrafinil.

While modafinil side effects such as habit formation, dependency, jitters etc. as compared to other stimulants are none, if compared to adrafinil, modafinil can cause certain other side effects like insomnia, nausea, headache etc. due to its high potency.

Adrafinil For Greater Alertness And Intelligence

6 Jun

Eugeroicsmeaning ‘good arousal’ are a class of drugs used for stimulating the mind for increased awareness and intelligence without causing any disruption in the normal sleep pattern of a person. Adrafinil is one such medicine which is used to stay awake and alert for longer periods of time without feeling dizzy, dodgy and lethargic. Different from other stimulants like tea, coffee and caffeine, adrafinil is non habit forming and giver long lasting stimulation.

Adrafinil for this very reason was specially designed and formulated for the treatment of narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness. Adrafinil gives sufferers increased energy levels and also improves mental performance, meaning they are able to focus and concentrate for longer periods.

Doctors even prescribe adrafinil to young working mothers, night time mothers who find it difficult to focus on work due to their peculiar situation and hectic schedules. However, given its safety and mild nature, today adrafinil is taken by even students and many careers conscious professionals to be more successful in work and studies.

Thus, if you too belong to the group of those individuals who are looking for an ideal stimulant to boost their mind power, increase energy, focus and attention, you have come at the right place. As adrafinil gives the much required stimulation and mental boost without interfering with any other brain activity or process.

Moreover, adrafinil has a special ability to provide arousal only when required.  Thus, allowing the user to switch off and sleep when desired. It gives you a mental boost when you want it and for as long as you need it, without creating an addiction. In fact, the side effects of adrafinil are almost completely non existent.

Adrafinil works by selectively stimulating adrenergic receptors in the brain. These receptors normally respond to a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine, which is associated with mental alertness, learning and memory.

Adrafinil for the treatment of narcolepsy

Adrafinil for the treatment of narcolepsy

Since adrafinil works only when required and does not disrupt any other process, it does not has any of the side effects such as insomnia, the jitters, euphoria or the eventual ‘crash’ produced by most conventional stimulants. Adrafinil for the treatment of narcolepsy has been approved in Europe. Since adrafinil is totally safe and mild stimulant you can easily take it to boost your mind without having to worry about the consequences.

However, for recommended adrafinil dosage, you must consult your doctor. You can buy Adrafinil Olmifon online from IAS in quantities of 40 x 300mg tablets.

Adrafinil to Remain Active, Alert, and Intelligent

4 Jun

Wonder if a drug can keep you stay awake, alert, and intelligent at long hours without feeling the need for rest, sleep or stimulation, the answer is yes. Adrafinil is such an amazing mind power drug that can enable a person to remain active and energetic throughout the day and night without stimulation or rest to perform certain extra demanding mental tasks or other activities with full intelligence, interest and energy.

Developed some decades ago for the treatment of narcolepsy, a disorder of the mind characterized by high daytime drowsiness, is today used by many students and ambitious professionals who want to reach high on the career ladder utilizing their mental faculties. Given its non toxicity and high safety levels, the drug is also prescribed to night time workers and young working mothers to help them stay active and energetic.

Now the question is, how does adrafinil provides the much needed mental boost and stimulation. To answer this question, let me tell you that adrafinil belongs to a special class of drugs popularly called as eugeroics meaning “good arousal”. Adrafinil is thus specifically designed to promote alertness and intelligence by stimulating the central nervous system.

What makes adrafinil motivation and stimulation different and special from stimulation provided by other mental stimulants or mind power drugs is that adrafinil provides stimulation only to the areas of the brain where it is required without affecting or interfering with other areas or activities of the brain. This makes adrafinil motivation safer and non habit forming as compared to stimulation provided by other stimulants or smart drugs.

As adrafinil selectively stimulate 1-adrenergic receptors in the brain, which normally respond to norepinephrine (noradrenaline), a neurotransmitter linked to alertness, learning, and memory, adrafinil provides gentle stimulation without causing unwanted side effects like anxiety, agitation, insomnia, associated with conventional stimulants. A regular adrafinil dose is 2 to 4 300-mg tablets per day for improving cognitive function, however for the treatment of narcolepsy and other special conditions higher doses are required.

Adrafinil to get Active

Adrafinil to get Active

While adrafinil today is a well known mental stimulant or smart drug, research is ongoing to make it still more effective, safer and potent mind power stimulant. The same Lafon laboratories which first created adrafinil, later created modafinil. So if we compare adrafinil vs modafinil, the later is definitely the stronger and safer of the two. Modafinil possesses greater selective alpha-1 adrenergic activity than adrafinil without the side effects of stomach pain, skin irritations, feelings of tension and increases in liver enzyme levels.

Adrafinil To Treat Depression, Anxiety And Sleep Disorders

17 May

What is adrafinil?

Adrafinil is basically a eugeroic medicine which means a drug that is used to awaken your mind and stimulate your mental function. These drugs are also known as smart drugs in the broadest terms of categorization. Adrafinil olmifon along with awakening the mind has euphoric effect as well upon the senses and this euphoric effect produced by the wonder drug makes it an anti depression drug as well.

How does adrafinil works?

The medicine is primarily used as a prescription medicine for the treatment of a condition called narcolepsy, which causes excessive day time sleepiness in an individual making it difficult for the patient to carry out his/her daily activities effectively. Adrafinil by acting upon the central nervous system and stimulating the brain cells within, arouses the mind which then increases mental alertness and thereby enables the individual to stay awake and alert during day time.

This is especially helpful for people who are night time workers, truck drivers, doctors and nurses on night duty as well as individual who have to stay awake in the night for different reasons such as young nursing mothers, students, and certain ambitious professionals. Due to lack of proper night sleep or insufficient sleep these individuals suffer from a lack of energy, fatigue, drowsiness and excessive tiredness along with body aches.

Adrafinil olmifon benefits

Adrafinil by stimulating the mind, increases mental alertness and help these people with the much needed mental and physical energy to not only carry out their daily functions but also fights fatigue by providing mental and muscular relaxation.  Adrafinil motivation thus produced enables a person to perform well both at work, studies or other areas of life.

However, if left on its own, such behaviour involving long term sleep deprivation can result in major sleeping disorders like narcoplepsy and clinical depression. Depression is very common among patient suffering from sleeping disorders. Clinical depression is a serious illness which requires proper medical treatment as if left untreated or ignored can amount to life threatening consequences such as seizures, strokes and even suicide by the sufferer.

Since Adrafinil olmifon treats sleeping disorder along with brightening the mood and producing the euphoric feelings of overall well being and enthusiasm without any adverse effects it is considered as an effective and better anti depressant drug and there is no other medicine stronger than adrafinil to act as an anti depressant and stimulant.

Adrafinil For Sleep

Adrafinil For Sleep

Adrafinil side effects

Being a nootropic substance, adrafinil has no major side effects or toxicity. Unlike other stimulants like caffeine and anti amphetomines, which no doubt increase mental alertness but affect other patterns of mind like sleep, sometimes even causing depression,  Adrafinil stimulates only the areas of the brain where stimulation is required and that too for longer periods of time.

Olmifon Dosage

Recommended dose of adrafinil olmifon as an anti depressant drug is 2 to 4 300 mg tablets per day to brighten mood and increase mental alertness.

Adrafinil To Awaken Your Senses And Lift Your Spirit

10 May

Developed and crafted to enhance vigilance, increase alertness, improve memory and benefit cognitive function, Adrafinil is a stimulant drug belonging to the family of the drugs termed as eugeroics in Greek meaning good arousal in English. This mind power drug was first created by Lafon laboratories, a French pharmaceutical company.

Since its inception and owing to its mind awakening properties the drug is widely used to treat narcolepsy, a sleep disorder characterized by excessive sleepiness during the day time in many individuals. Adrafinil acts on the mind by stimulating the neurotransmitters, thereby producing an energizing and refreshing effect which enables you to carry out our day to day activities with enthusiasm and motivation.

Adrafinil not only sharpens cognitive attention but also brighten up your sprits by providing the required stimulation and drive you need to remain active, energetic and effective in all your performances. The demanding and hectic lifestyles of today lead to a great number of people suffering from fatigue, mental exhaustion and a general lack of interest to perform daily activities. If prolonged, these feelings can further lead to a state of depression in an individual.

Adrafinil To Awaken Senses

Adrafinil To Awaken Senses

Adrafinil Dosage works by rousing the noradrenergic post-synaptic receptors, encouraging glutamatergic transmission, and activating the attention increasing orexinergic neurons, thereby leading to rise in energy levels, increase in drive, better recall and finally an overall brightening of the mood and spirit.

No doubt a cup of steaming black coffee works great to awaken up your spirits, but the effect is temporary and habit forming. Soon no matter how much amount of caffeine you put into your system or how much coffee you drink, you can’t battle the drowsiness for a long time. Adrafinil on the other hand produces long lasting awakening results and what more it stimulates on the exact areas where stimulation is required without interfering with other processes of the brain.

So if you are looking for some wonder drug to awaken your mind and brighten up your mood, Adrafinil is the best solution as it is not only effective but safe as well. The drug works wonders if taken in recommended doses under the supervision of a doctor. The recommended dose is one or two 300mg tablets twice a day. However, long term use of this medicine is a little conspicuous, so if you plan to take this medicine for a long period of time it is advisable to a get a liver test before.