Pregnenolone Supplements To Enhance Life And Release Stress

27 Jun

Pregnenolone is a master hormone, which is mainly responsible for the production and control of all vital steroid hormones in the body such as cortisol, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen. Although it is mainly produced in the adrenal glands, it is also produced in smaller amounts in other parts of the body such as liver, brain, skin, gonads and retina.

This master hormone has vast range of benefits for both men and women. To elaborate on the plethora of health benefits of this amazing hormone, D. Gary Young, a famous physician and researcher, has even released a booklet, ‘Pregnenolone: A Radical New Approach to Health, Longevity, and Emotional Well-Being’. The booklet is full of amazing health benefits of this little known precursor of major hormones in the body.

As pregnenolone can be synthesized into various steroid and reproductive hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisone etc., it can be easily used as natural hormone replacement therapy  for women suffering from bad menopause symptoms and men suffering from stress and weight gain.

Pregnenolone for Stress Relief

Pregnenolone for Stress Relief


With pregnenolone’s ability to produce and balance the levels of reproductive and steroid hormones in the body, it acts as bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Since pregnenolone is a natural substance, it cannot be patented. This also makes pregnenolone therapy free from any side effects attached with other synthetic hormone therapy. So, while estrogen cream and synthetic cortisone can give you immediate and effective results, these are often associated with harmful side effects.


Thus, it is always advisable to take adrenal support supplements like pregnenolone in place of synthtetic hormones for problems like relieving arthritis pain, reducing PMS and menopausal symptoms, fighting stress and fatigue, improving memory, and lifting mood. Neurobiologist Dr. Eugene Roberts, while studying arthritis research, himself stated:

“Treatment with PREG (pregnenolone) can be maintained indefinitely without apparent harmful effects and is much less expensive than with ACTH or cortisone or with other anti-inflammatory steroids.”


Apart from this, pregnenole weight loss has also been observed with taking pregnenolone supplements to lower cholesterol for heart disease prevention. As pregnenolone is broken down differently in men and women, that is, it appears to have a testosterone-like effect in men and an estrogen-like effect in women, pregnenolone seems to be the best hormone therapy for both men and women to address their different needs and conditions.

Pregnenolone can thus be easily termed as the best anti ageing supplement for both men and women to enhance the quality of life and decrease stress, disease and pain. Being a completely natural substance, pregnenolone side effects are virtually non-existent.

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