Adrafinil For Mental Alertness

9 Mar

Adrafinil is the forerunner to the now famous 50 mg modafinil, Adrafinil works in the same way, it re-sensitizes alpha-1 receptors in the brain to be more sensitive to noradrenaline, this heightens awareness and concentration to prevent narcolepsy (sleeping in the daytime).

Adrafinil also known as Olmifon improves brain chemical processes making it able to enhance alertness without having an effect on our regular sleeping patterns.

Olmifon Adrafinil is a ‘eugeroic’ which is a new class of drugs. Eugeroic means good arousal. Olmifon Adrafinil is intended to improve concentration and alertness. Olmifon Adrafinil is an anti-depressant and a stimulant that is able to clear the mind by improving the chemical processes inside the brain without disturbing our heart rate or pressure.

Approved in many European countries it has the ability to treat narcolepsy. This is a condition that is characterized by too much sleepiness during the day along with other unusual symptoms.

In addition Olimfon Adrafinil has been discovered to be beneficial to non narcoleptic users. Normally they may discover that Olmifon Adrafinil raises their energy levels and lowers their fatigue whilst enhancing their mental focus, concentration, cognitive function and memory. What’s more it has been discovered that quiet persons that consume Olimfon Adrafinil become chatty whilst reserved persons find they become friendlier and passive persons develop more energy. Overall  Adrafinil experience improved concentration and alertness.

In comparison to regular stimulants that range from caffeine to methamphetamine, Olmifon Adrafinil is believed to be milder as it provides similar benefits but with reduced levels of agitation, insomnia and anxiety that is commonly associated with these typical stimulants. More so Olimfon Adrafinil’s unique ability to arouse only when stimulation is needed means that the user can sleep when he or she desires.

Unlike conventional stimulants Olimfon Adrafinil develops slowly over a time of days to months. This seems to be centered on its power to carefully stimulate adrenergic receptors in the brain. Normally these receptors react to norepinephrine (noradrenaline). This is a neurotransmitter that is connected to learning, memory and alertness. This differs from conventional stimulants that are able to stimulate a wider range of brain receptors including those that concern dopamine. Its profile of being more actively focused could explain Olimfon Adrafinil’s reason for having virtually no adverse side effects.

Adrafinil usage?

Olmifon Adrafinil can be purchased online through IAS in quantities of 40 x 300 mg tablets. A normal Olmifon Adrafinil dose is one or two 300 mg tablets taken twice daily, however not continuously without liver enzyme blood tests.

A normal dose of Olmifon Adrafinil has no adverse side effects. However very rarely it can cause skin irritations, stomach pains and headaches and in some cases can cause a sense of inner tension.

In comparison to other stimulants It has very little disadvantages and a lot of benefits. Olimfon Adrafinil enhances vigilance and mental alertness without any drug negative effects. It is now time to rid the coffee maker.

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